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How Recreativ Works

We do not just advertise the goods, but accompany the buyer throughout the sales cycle

conversion increase
  • Recreativ studies user behavior on the Internet
  • Smart algorithms know which product the user is interested in right now
  • Advertising is displayed at the right time and the user makes a purchase
Why Recreativ

Our advantages

  • Native ad units

    Recreativ product blocks are flexibly customizable to the design of the affiliate platform and better cope with “banner blindness” of users

  • Quality images

    No visual noise, only simple and high-quality ads that attract the attention of new customers

  • Conversion traffic

    We show ads at the right time to the most relevant audience, which ensures maximum profit for both the advertiser and the webmaster

  • Flexible settings and configuration

    The most convenient tools for analyzing statistics and managing advertising campaigns. You always know how effective it is and at any time you can make changes

Campaign Performance

How effective can an advertising campaign be??

Monthly budget $ 100
Net profit from one sale $ 4
Conversion now
  • Sales 35
  • Referrals to the site 2 000
  • Coverage 400 000
  • Net profit $ 40

Expected return on investment

+40% Increase traffic
Our advantages

For advertisers

Sell More with Recreativ Unique User Behavior Algorithms

  • Campaign High Performance
  • Only high-quality traffic
  • Analysis Tools and Statistics
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For webmasters

We will provide a stable profit for your project, without loss or reduction of audience involvement

  • High income
  • Accurate and complete payments
  • Loyalty program
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For agencies

Get commission by creating effective advertising campaigns for your customers

  • Analysis Tools and Statistics
  • Manage customer balances from a single account
  • Personal manager
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With Recreativ, our dynamic remarketing campaigns have gained additional reach because of the presence of sites on the network that are not in the GDN.
We have been working with Recreativ for many years. They always have the best selection of sites in Ukraine. There are volumes of traffic to attract a new audience for promotions. We constantly use dynamic remarketing. Intuitive office and operational support.
Andrew, Citrus
We have been successfully cooperating with the Recreativ advertising network team for 9 years. Convenient user interface, operational support that can find an approach to any task. I recommend this network as a source of quality traffic!
A young, progressively thinking team, as a result, a modern advertising tool that allows you to solve marketing problems of any complexity. All types of targeting: remarketing, social demographic targeting, by device and OS, etc. The high level of developers of Recreativ network has allowed us to implement deep integration with our trading system to broadcast offers from advertisers of Recreativ network.
We have been cooperating since 2009. At different time periods, for us, various criteria for the received traffic were important: volume, percentage of new visitors, conversion price, etc. Recreativ network managers quickly and clearly responded to changing goals and achieved them.
We have been cooperating with Recreativ for more than a year. Great traffic and interesting sites. Effective product retargeting and of course as a channel for attracting a quality audience. Operational support in the person of a personal manager who does not forget about our campaigns even on weekends). Сontinue to cooperate!)
Addressing to Recreativ, you can always count on quality service. Network algorithms work on the principle of auction, and this is a convenient tool for the advertiser on any pocket. Geo-targeting - allows you to sell the bike in the region that you designated. I especially note my account manager and how many dollars he saved my company by correcting my settings. The interface is convenient and intuitive, easy to optimize. In general, I definitely recommend it.
Tatra Garden Company thanks the Recreativ advertising network for productive cooperation. Separately, I would like to note the work of the manager: he always responds promptly, answers clearly and on the case, which helps to quickly solve the problems that have arisen. I would also like to highlight the high quality of traffic and the wide possibilities for setting up advertising campaigns.
Erika, Tatra Garden
Good installations for the application is quite difficult to buy on the market, we have been cooperating with Recreativ for more than 3 years, we are actively buying Android and IOS installations. With the right targeting, we get an audience of excellent quality and a good price!
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