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Find answers to frequently asked questions on the recreativ network

  • When is the payout made?

    Twice a month, usually the 14th and last day of the month.

  • Upon what amount is the payment made?

    20 USD.

  • What kind of traffic are you willing to buy?

    We acquire any traffic if the site complies with the rules of the system.

  • I set the code, but the goods are not displayed, what could be the reason?

    After creating a new block, it starts to appear for 5 minutes, wait.

  • I want to use another wallet

    To replace the wallet, you need to contact support and explain the reasons for this.

  • How to get earned money?

    Payment is made automatically twice a month. Payment is possible if the account balance has reached 20 USD.

  • Can I get paid ahead of time?

    Yes, but in case of early payment, we will charge a fee of 10 USD, regardless of the withdrawal amount.

  • How much will I receive per click?

    The accrual rate per click is determined by the subject matter of the advertising material, the quality of website traffic, the country and the rates of advertisers.

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